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Perfect World (The Lichfield Tea Co.)


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Perfect World

By The Lichfield Tea Co.

Tea No. 62

A true melting pot of flavours, this herbal infusion balances citrus accents and subtle sweetness to deliver a brew that makes the world stand still! The gentle caress of melissa and refreshing notes of peppermint create pure bliss!


Blackberry, strawberry & hazelnut leaves, chamomile & marigold blossoms, melissa, peppermint, lemon grass, rose petals, lavender

Best Served

With a good book and your favourite pillow

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Flavour Profile
Floral & Sweet

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About The Lichfield Tea Co.

The Lichfield Tea Company is a family-run tea merchant based in Lichfield, a city with a rich history of British innovation. They have an extensive range of ethically-sourced teas from around the world to choose from, as well as locally sourced honey and freshly roasted coffees.

Based in Lichfield

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