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Yerba Mate (Lovely Tea Teas)


Product Description

Yerba Mate

By Lovely Tea Teas

Tea No. 66

Full of natural goodness, this unique tea is enjoyed by nearly everyone in South America for its natural health benefits. With a grassy, slightly bitter taste and high caffeine content, it's a cross between green tea and Lapsang Souchong.


00% luxury green yerba mate

Best Served

With cinnamon and ginger

Allergy Advice


Tea Type
Yerba Mate

South America

Flavour Profile

Caffeine Level

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About Lovely Tea Teas

Lovely Tea Teas is the brainchild of 'Mr Tea' (aka Oliver Smith). He's shaking up the British Tea Scene with his high-quality teas and tea blends. The company's love for their customers and the environment has inspired their range ofspeciality teas, all freshly packaged in biodegradable pouches.

Based in London, UK

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