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Mint Choc Royale (Jolly Brew Tea Co.)


Product Description

Mint Choc Royale

By Jolly Brew Tea Co.

Tea No. 68

A peppermint blend infused with natural chocolatey flavours that delivers a truly mouth-watering brew which tastes just like everyone's favourite after dinner mint. It's the ultimate guilt-free sweet treat, perfect for those with a sweet tooth!


Black tea from Ceylon, blackberry leaves, peppermint leaves, natural flavours

Best Served

With chocolate, because ... why noti

Allergy Advice

Nuts also handled on-site

Tea Type
Flavoured Black

Sri Lanka

Flavour Profile
Swwet, Minty & Traditional

Caffeine Level

Good For

About Jolly Brew Tea Co.

Founded in 2014 by owner, father and tea lover Greg Hassell after being made redundant from his day job, Jollybrew is a family-run company on a mission to introduce Britain (and beyond) to their unmistakably British twist on traditional tea flavours and blends.

Based in Buckinghamshire, UK

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