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Product Description

Simply Green

By The Tea Leaf Company

Tea No. 89

A Ceylon green tea, with subtleties of varietal, seasonal and regional flavour. Considered the Rolls Royce of teas, the leaves produce an intense, rich flavour with mouthwatering softness. There's no finer way to start the new year!


100% green tea

Best Served

100% Green tea

Allergy Advice

May contain nuts

Tea Type

Sri Lanka

Flavour Profile
Grassy, Earthy *& Traditional

Caffeine Level

Good For

About The Tea Leaf Company

The Tea Leaf Company are an independent British tea company that has a unique partnership with a family-run tea garden in Nagaland, North East India. All their teas are lovingly cultivated using traditional natural growing methods and hand-picked with love and care.

Based in Sussex, UK

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